Nat Finkelstein
"Warhol" the factory


Nat Finkelstein's intimate photographs of Andy Warhol are  availabe at Wooster Projects Gallery, New York City. 


For three years, 1964-1967, photojournalist Nat Finkelstein documented the weird and wonderful activities of Andy Warhol and his associates.

Finkelstein became a controversial and forthright member of Andy Warhol's Factory. Because of his constant presence, he was able to make photographs of great intensity and intimacy, furnishing an insider's view of that famous studio. These extraordinary photographs capture the ramshackle studio; familiar silk screens are casually propped against the wall while a seemingly endless cast of the beautiful and famous pay homage.

This exhibition contains work from two different series. Black and white photographs from 'The Factory Years' are Finkelstein's most famous images, . In addition  are photos of such Factory-visiting luminaries as Allen Ginsberg, Salvador Dali, Marcel Duchamp and Bob Dylan. Finkelstein's shots of The Velvet Underground must rank amongst the best ever portraits of a rock band, exuding sleaze, menace and decadent glamour.

Also exhibited are a series of previously unseen colour photographs. Here are images of Warhol which he would not be pleased with, the familiar silver wig swapped for dark grey and that often-expressionless face stuffing itself with pizza. Warhol's 'superstars' Edie Sedgewick, daughter of a wealthy Californian couple and the German model Nico, pout and preen while the beautiful poet, Gerard Melanga entertains. These images seem less glamorous than those do from 'The Factory Years'; the colour transforming the fantasy into a rather seedy reality. Finklestein is reputed to have had a 'on/off' relationship with Warhol and it is his lack of sycophantic reverence that gives these photographs their edge.

Finkelstein has been widely exhibited and published. His photographs are in many important collections including MOMA and The Metropolitan Museum of Art NY, V&A London, Andy Warhol Foundation and The Pompidou Paris.

All the images shown above are available to buy as signed, original prints


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